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VENTIS Boat Carpenters:


"Everything that's wood
and attached to a ship "

We often tell people that we make "everything that’s wood and attached to a ship". A variety of boats and ships, from fishing boats to mega yachts, from sea-going vessel to ‘8 metre yachts’ has been built, repaired, rigged or equipped with a new mast or leeboard in the course of this period. Our products and services:
restauration of classic boats
yacht building

Craving for the sea

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Good shipwrights not only are able carpenters, they also have a craving for the sea. Passion, dedication and skill are qualities that apply to the VENTIS Team. Satisfied clients, happy suppliers, but also a steady increase of orders is proof that VENTIS is a unique company.  
Deckhouse for S&S yawl "Nyala", at Ventis Scheepstimmerwerk, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, 2018

Cheese platter of elm wood

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Craftsmanship and thinking along    
We combine craftsmanship and the finest materials to ensure our product is the best that it can be. Our experienced team has an abundant choice of methods of working: from shaft to CNC cutter, from carpenter’s eye to Cad Cam software. For every assignment, small or big, we carefully choose the right approach. We heartily invite you to think along with us and to take an active part in the whole building process. This way you will have a clear insight into the progress of your project.    
VENTIS experienced shipcarpenters with craftsmanship  

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Custom-made and ready-made solutions
Efficient and knowledgeable, our aim is to provide you with the best possible service. Naturally we take care that you ‘go to sea’ well equipped, but in the heat of a race or in bad weather you may still lose a leeboard or break a spar. VENTIS will always be around and with our ready-made solution or creative effort you can continue your race or holiday in no time.      
Attention to innovation, environment
and education

At Ventis traditional craftsmanship meets innovation. We continuously improve our methods and techniques, leading to a better product or a more efficient manufacturing process.

Thought for the environment and for the origin of materials is like breathing to Ventis. That is why we work predominantly with indigenous wood or wood from sustainably managed forests. With our thorough and traditional approach we are well able to avoid as much as possible to use substances that are a threat to the environment and to human health.

We are happy to pass on this traditional craftsmanship - which is still fundamental to boat carpentry - to young people who are trained during a registered apprenticeship. Thus we lay a solid foundation for the future.

  Erkend leerbedrijf bij Stichting Hout & Meubel  
Brasker masts
Together with Brasker Masten we make hollow glued masts in a brand new workshop with climat control, so we can handle the wood (of carefully selected clear-and-better quality) under optimal humidity conditions. Only this way we can make the rigid and light masts, not only required by racers, but also by big schooners.      
Winter accomodation

Ventis specializes in classic wooden yachts and for these boats we have a fully equipped winter accommodation where you can do your own repairs and maintenance to your heart’s content and we are standing-by to aid, assist or do the job for you.

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